V.P. Administration

Cindy Bloom

I’m Cindy Bloom, and I moved to Shadow Hills with my husband in 1993. While we were house hunting, we looked all over the valley, and couldn’t find anything we liked. Then, my husband discovered Shadow Hills and we were hooked. The rural lifestyle, the large lots, and the general “not in LA” feeling was uplifting. While we don’t own horses, we love hearing the clickity clack of hooves and knowing they’re all around us. Prior to semi-retiring, I worked at NBC as Director of Finance and Administration and at the City of Burbank in Budget, Financial Services. I’m also a Past President of Shadow Hills Property Owners Association which dovetailed nicely into my role at the FTDNC as both organizations are dedicated to preserving our communities’ character. My husband, my future PhD candidate Aaron, and I enjoy hanging out in our backyard with our dogs.

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