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Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone Red Flag Parking Restrictions 

Posted on 12/03/2020

Please be informed the City of Los Angeles will invoke the Red Flag No Parking Restrictions starting today at 8:00 am, 12/3/20, and will remain in effect until further notice.

Due to the weather and high fire conditions, the LAFD will be pre-deploying and augmenting resources, as well. For additional information, please visit the LAFD website at https://lafd.org/redflag OR call 3-1-1. 


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New Safer At Home Orders

Posted on 12/01/2020

From Los Angeles County Department of Public Health: As new COVID-19 cases remain at alarming levels and the number of people hospitalized continue to increase, a temporary LA County Health Officer Order will be issued to require additional safety measures across sectors, effective 11/30/20 through 12/20/20.


Land Use Committee Meeting December 1 at 7pm

Posted on 11/30/2020

Join us for the last meeting in 2020 of The Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee on Tuesday December 1st at 7pm via Zoom. To see the agenda for items to be discussed visit the Land Use Committee Page on this website.

Zoom Meeting Online or by Telephone:
(669) 900-9128    
Webinar ID: 856 8837 5860       
Online Zoom Meeting Link:

An Essential Part of Your COVID Toolkit

Posted on 11/27/2020

With the free SafePass app you can:
✅ Track your COVID-19 symptoms
✅ Find testing sites
✅ Get alerted if you come in contact with someone who has COVID-19
✅ Receive updates about COVID-19 in your area

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Posted on 11/25/2020

There are an estimated 2 million people in Los Angeles County who are food-insecure. Since 1973, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has worked to mobilize resources in the community to alleviate hunger. Their Vision Statement: No one goes hungry in Los Angeles County.

To make a monetary donation, to volunteer your time, to help those who need assistance finding food visit https://www.lafoodbank.org/.




New LA County Health Order for Restaurants

Posted on 11/23/2020

As new COVID-19 cases remain at alarming levels and the number of people hospitalized continue to increase, the LA County Health Officer Order will be modified to restrict dining at restaurants, breweries, wineries and bars, effective Wednesday, November 25 at 10:00 p.m.



New State Issued Limited Stay At Home Orders 10pm to 5am

Posted on 11/20/2020

The State has issued a new order that will go into place on Saturday November 21st at 10pm and applies to LA County.

Californians in affected counties are asked to stay home except for essential activities between 10pm and 5am.

Read more at http://bit.ly/calsho1119

Read more at covid19.ca.gov

Rain Barrel Giveaway Saturday 11.21.20

Posted on 11/19/2020

From the CD7 Offices:

Our office will be hosting a Rain Barrel Giveaway this Saturday at Lopez Canyon Environmental Education Center! If you're interested in harvesting any upcoming rain water, please RSVP to our event and secure your barrel. We will be doing a Curbside pickup model on Nov. 21st from 1-3pm.

We have limited availability and registration is required:


To pick up your rain barrel on Saturday, you will need to provide:

  1. Proof of Residency (Driver's License or LADWP bill)
  2. Eventbrite ticket
  3. Proof that you watched our installation video (Please complete this 3 question quiz here as proof: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JBKVL3Z )

Please register as soon as you can, as this event is first-come, first-served.


General Board Meeting 11.19.20 at 7pm via Zoom

Posted on 11/17/2020

Connect with members of your community and discuss local issues that matter to you, all from the comfort and safety of your home. Attend the General Board Meeting of The Foothill Trials District Neighborhood Council Thursday November 19th via Zoom at 7pm.

To view the agenda for this meeting, click the Committees Tab and then General Board Meeting and Agendas.

By Telephone: 669-900-9128

Webinar ID: 458 256 2383

Invitation Link: https://zoom.us/j/4582562383








Mask Up !

Posted on 11/16/2020

COVID-19 is still here and dangerous. Wearing a mask can keep you from getting the virus and spreading it to others. We all have to do our part to avoid gatherings, wear masks when we’re near other people, keep our physical distance, and wash our hands thoroughly. Together, we can slow the spread of this virus.


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