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Daniel Davis

My name is Daniel Davis and I am one of the representatives for the west end of Lake View Terrace. I grew up in the area, so the foothills have always been my home. I learned civic responsibility through my involvement with the Boy Scouts where I ultimately obtained the rank of Eagle Scout.

When deciding on the location of my Eagle project, I ultimately chose a site that benefited the Hansen Dam area. I decided to clean up the area around the flagpole situated prominently at corner of Osborne and Foothill (before the corner was paved over).

At the time I joined the neighborhood council nearly 10 years ago, I was the youngest member of the organization. One of my reasons for joining the council is that I recognize that as we progress as a community, we cannot afford to lose the natural beauty of the area that I spent time exploring as a kid.

I’m a graduate from Los Angeles Mission College with an Associate’s degree in Sociology and I am currently working on a second degree in Information Technology.


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