Chair of Outreach and Communications

Judi Trujillo

I'm Judi Trujillo and I have lived in the area covered by the FTDNC for most of my life.  When I was finishing grade school, my parents bought a house on Johanna Ave. because my Father was transferred from Chicago to Los Angeles and he wanted his children to grow up in the country.  So, Shadow Hills was perfect.  For perspective, when I moved here, Sunland Blvd, was 2 lanes,  Johanna Ave., La Canada Way and McBroom St, were all dirt roads.  I rode my horse almost every day and came to love and respect my new home. 

I left the area to go to Graduate School in the East and work for a period of time in University teaching and International marketing of US produced Agricultural products.  After 14 years, family issues brought me home and I bought a house in Shadow Hills.  I rediscovered my love of riding, but was shocked and concerned by the changes that I found  in the availability of riding trails and the reduced equine access to many of my favorite places to ride.  In short, there were a lot more houses and many fewer horses.  I joined ETI and SHPOA to help these organizations protect our rural lifestyle and horse keeping rights that make our area so unique and desirable. Twenty years ago, I moved to La Tuna Canyon because I could buy a bigger property with an arena.  I remained active in ETI and became a member of LTCCA to continue working to protect the rural lifestyle.  

Three years ago, I was recruited by a member of the FTDNC to join the Council .  I serve on The Outreach and Land Use Committees as Vice Chair of each.  I realize that we cannot stop progress, but I believe that we must use the zoning laws to protect such a unique and beautiful area. If we let it slip away, we will never regain it.

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