Vice President, Communications & Outreach

Fallon Milligan

My name is Fallon Milligan. I have been a resident of Lake View Terrace for 15 years. I moved here when I married my husband David, a resident of 25 years. Now that I live here, I cannot imagine living anywhere else in Los Angeles. I love that on any given day I see horses trotting down my street, white owls flying overhead at sunset and hear coyotes howling in the foothills. My first introduction to our Neighborhood Council was through the Land Use Committee; I attended a meeting as I had concerns regarding a development that was being built on a corner of my neighborhood and how it would affect the quality of our life here.  Many meetings later as a community we were able to affect a difference; the developer agreed to build less homes, helping to preserve the lower density we enjoy in this district. Soon after I joined the Land Use Committee, and a year later became a member of the General Board as I saw firsthand how being involved in your community can and does make a difference.


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